Approved Local Service Providers

Local Service Providers

First please make a payment online. Our bank details are as follows:

Although all the Service Providers listed below are accredited or Government approved,
we recommend that you seek at least three quotations prior to placing any order.

Click on company weblinks below (where available) to access their webpage and
contact them directly for a quote.

Bear with us as we complete this listing.
If you have any suggestions for improving the listing below, please contact us on


Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps – Oxon EnergyHeppelthwaite Green Building Solutions

Cavity wall insulation – Instagroup

Double/Triple Glazing – Hazlemere Windows
Draughtproof insulation – Draught Busters (
Energy Management Systems – Datatherm
Energy Performance Certificates – Chiltern Utility Solutions (see advert on Home page)

External wall insulation – Instagroup

Local Plumbers –

Pressure Testing – Air Leakage Testing Ltd.      

PV Panels & batteries Domestic – Solarbility  (see advert on Home page); Kimble SolarHeppelthwaite Green Building Solutions

PV Panels & batteries Commercial, Schools, etc.  –  Joju Solar 

Renewable energy consultation – Chiltern Utility Solutions (see advert on Home page)

Roof/loft insulation  –  The Loft BoysCorksol

Smart Meters – supplied by your own energy provider, free of charge

Sustainable travel (Marlow Bike Shop) – Saddle Safari (see advert on Home page)                                

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