Combating Fuel Poverty in Marlow

On a couple of weekends in late September 2020 a group of MEG volunteers delivered around 1,000 BHBH (Better Housing, Better Health) leaflets and MEG leaflets to areas in Marlow identified as those more likely to be in fuel poverty.

In 2022 we intend to follow up this project by purchasing and then using a Thermal Imaging Camera to further identify houses that have poor insulation. This will be done, of course, with the householders’ permissions. We hope to hand out leaflets in Marlow main streets and sign up people to have their houses photographed so that they can see where they may be losing heat.

We will then point these householders to either BHBH, or our website, which contains general information on insulation.

Open Houses

When Covid recedes enough, we will be publicising that we have half a dozen members who are willing to invite Marlow residents into their homes, to see what can be done relatively easily, to reduce carbon emissions in an average Marlow house.

These visits will be arranged through appointment. So, if interested, please email us at and we will liaise with you to visit your closest ‘Green’ house.

Talks to Marlow Organisations

Although we have had nine ‘Ask the Experts’ talks on Zoom (see ‘Events’) and two talks on COP26, as Covid hopefully recedes, we will be conducting talks on how to reduce carbon emissions to organisations in Marlow.

We are speaking to WI members in January 2022 and hope to give talks to other organisations and to our local schools throughout the year.

Please email us at if your group would like us to talk to your members.

Saving Marlow & the planet from the climate crisis

Early in 2021, Marlow Energy Group, along with a Solar Panel supplier, IDDEA, used Zoom to promote a very competitive Solar Panel offer of 12 Solar Panels costing £4000!

Since then, thirteen Marlow householders have signed up resulting in a huge annual saving of 10.0 tonnes of CO2 per year.

This exciting venture was supported by Marlow Town Council’s ‘Sustainable Marlow’ campaign and by many local groups.

Marlow home owners are still being offered a highly competitive rate of £4000 to have 12 Photo-Voltaic (PV) panels installed, subject to a successful free survey.

The system being offered is for a 4kWp array and will not only save the householder money, but will also save nearly 1.0 tonnes of CO2 each year.

All other aspects such as financial savings, battery storage, extra panel costs, etc., were covered during the Zoom get-together.

At the Zoom meeting, 43 people attended the presentation, but for those who missed it, this 55 minute event it is now available on YouTube. To view it, either visit the MEG website -, or use the following link

If interested in this offer, either visit, or email IDDEA at, with your address and contact details and you will be offered a ‘free’ survey.

For more information and enquiries, please email Marlow Energy Group at

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