Community Owned Solar Power in Marlow

On Tuesday the 5th of April, in the Main Hall of Marlow Community Association’s Liston Hall Complex, Marlow Energy Group (MEG) organised a meeting to launch their new project.

MEG introduced themselves to the audience and then asked their partners, RINA and BHESCO (Brighton and Hove Energy Services Coop), to speak about the feasibility of a Solar Farm being located in an 8.4 hectare field bordered by Gossmore Lane, the A404, Riverpark Drive and the River Thames; please see explanatory leaflet.

This was an open meeting and gave everyone attending the ability to ask questions. Please view the Notes from the meeting and a YouTube video below of the meeting

Thermal Imaging Camera Project Saving Money and reducing CO2 emissions in Marlow by identifying and combatting Heat Loss

In 2021 MEG purchased a Thermal Imaging Camera to identify houses that may have poor insulation. Any surveys conducted will be done, of course, with the householders’ permissions, and are FREE. People who sign up for this service will have their houses thermally photographed (from the outside), so that they can see where they may be losing heat.

It is only possible to carry out thermal imaging during the winter due to necessary temperature differences, but applicants can look forward to having their houses surveyed during the winter of 2024/25.

As long as you live in Marlow, or Marlow bottom, to have your house surveyed, please email MEG at, so we can send you an application/questionnaire.

Once your house is surveyed, we will email a report to you, containing photographic evidence, which will give an indication of any areas of heat loss. We will also give householders a list of organisations, which will give general information on insulation, and who can advise on heat loss solutions. A secondary document will list those organisations that may offer grants to improve insulation and/or to install sustainable energy generation equipment. 

Thermal Imaging Camera
Thermal image of house from Wikimedia Commons

Open Houses

When Covid recedes enough, we will be publicising that we have half a dozen members who are willing to invite Marlow residents into their homes, to see what can be done relatively easily, to reduce carbon emissions in an average Marlow house.

These visits will be arranged through appointment. So, if interested, please email us at and we will liaise with you to visit your closest ‘Green’ house.

Talks to Marlow Organisations

Although we have had fourteen ‘Ask the Experts’ talks on Zoom (see ‘Events’) and two talks on COP26, as Covid hopefully recedes, we will be conducting talks on how to reduce carbon emissions to organisations in Marlow.

We gave a talk to the Marlow Common to members of the WI in January 2022 and hope to give talks to other organisations and to our local schools throughout the year.

Please email us at if your group would like us to talk to your members.