Marlow Energy Group (MEG) is a non-profit Community Benefit Society formed with the purpose of reducing Marlow’s carbon footprint through the use of carbon-saving energy technology.  


  1. We are working with BHBH (Better homes, Better Health) to reduce Fuel Poverty that exists in Marlow, although the Covid 19 Pandemic has hampered our attempts to combat Fuel Poverty. 

  2. We are approaching 8 of the 13 Schools in the Marlow area, which have suitable roofs for Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels. We hope to partner Solar for Schools (another Community Benefit Society) to install PV Panels at no cost to the School and Schools will benefit from lower electricity charges. 

  3. We are mid-way through contacting Businesses, Churches and other Public and Private Institutions to ask them to look at energy saving and renewable energy generation technologies to reduce their CO2 emissions and to save them money.

  4. We are also working with I.D.D.E.A., a company based in Westbury in Wiltshire, who ran the Henley Solar Streets event for Greener Henley. This event was to offer an installation of 14 PV Panels offer for around £4,000 for all Henley residents. We hope to run a similar event for Marlow residents in early in 2021.

  5. We also intend to contact local Farmers and Land Owners to see if PV Solar farms and Wind Turbines could be constructed in their properties. 


Install PV

panels in Marlow's schools

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Areas we cover

Marlow Energy group covers areas in and around Marlow, including the following towns:

Marlow Town, Great Marlow, Marlow Bottom, Little Marlow, Bisham, Danesfield, Medmenham

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