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Our Strategy

Marlow Energy Group (MEG) is a Community Benefit Society formed with the purpose of reducing Marlow's carbon footprint through the use of carbon saving energy technology. There are four main ways in which this can be achieved.

  1. Educate

  2. Facilitate

  3. Finance

  4. Project Manage


Our Mission

Marlow Energy Group's (MEG's) strategy is motivated by the climate crisis and the urgent need for humanity to reduce mad-made emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. It is also fully consistent with the Town Council's ambition for Marlow to become net zero carbon. We would like to set a date of 2030 by the latest to achieve net zero carbon. This is based on science, not political expediency. However, achieving net zero carbon is much more demanding and requires more profound changes than is generally appreciated. These issues are discussed in further detail here.


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Areas we cover

Marlow Energy group covers areas in and around Marlow, including the following towns:

Marlow Town, Great Marlow, Marlow Bottom, Little Marlow, Bisham, Danesfield, Medmenham

01628 481792

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