Marlow’s Carbon Footprint

Marlow Town Council have recently agreed to the challenge to make Marlow a carbon neutral town. But what does this mean and how big is the challenge?

In order to become carbon neutral, we first need to estimate where are the sources of our carbon emissions. In other words, what is Marlow’s Carbon Footprint?

This is very difficult to accurately assess as accurate data in relation to just Marlow and its residents is not readily available. However, to put the challenge of working towards Marlow being a carbon neutral town into perspective, Marlow Energy Group have made some assumptions and propose that the overall footprint could look something like the picture to the left.

One thing we can guarantee – this will not be correct! However we do feel that the emissions in each category will not be too far from our estimate and even if they are out, then if anyone can come up with a more accurate figure then it will definitely give us all something to work on with regard to how to reduce those emissions.

MEG Solar Survey

MEG undertook a survey of solar installations in our area and saw that there are a large number of sites; but also there is room for far more.

Chair - Patrick Brown

MEG Chairperson Patrick Brown is the co-owner of the eco-friendly Four State shops in Marlow and Henley.

Secretary - John Laker

MEG Secretary John Laker is a keen environmentalist and was the Managing Director of a eco-friendly packaging company for 35 years.

Social Media - Ivan Cicin-Sain

Ivan Cicin-Sain is the MEG Social Media Lead.

Website - Ian Coggan

A Chartered Electrical Engineer with a passion for lower carbon and community energy.

MEG are looking for volunteers


MEG are looking for volunteers



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