MEG Membership Survey

Dr Robin Russell-Jones, 03/08/20

A questionnaire was sent to MEG Membership to establish their knowledge and expertise on environmental matters, and low carbon technologies in the home.

13 members responded to the questionnaire

7 people subscribe to one or more scientific/environmental publications.

3 people have worked for an environmental organization

8 people cover environmental issues in their work:

Town or District Councillors (2)

Environmental Consultant (2)

Pollution control officer (1)

Medical doctor (1)

Ethical Trade (1)

Domestic Energy Assessor (1)

9 people have expertise on environmental issues.

This includes Air quality, Carbon footprints, Local Government, Fund raising, Marketing, Legal compliance, Health and Safety, Eco-homes, Renewable energy projects.

10 people have relevant academic qualifications.

This includes 3 engineers of which two are chartered engineers

MBA specializing in ethical business

BsC/MsC in Environmental Health

Medical Degree (MA FRCP FRCPath)

Four further degrees in Zoology, Chemistry and two more that were not specified.

10 people have been involved in eco-friendly installations in their own homes

3 people have an electric or hybrid vehicle, and 2 more have no vehicle

5 people offered to help with fund-raising or canvassing

7 people are prepared to answer questions, one by email only


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