Newsletter : Sept 2020

We are seeking volunteers to deliver around 100 leaflet sets each (about an hours work) on Sunday 20th of September. We will meet up in Stapleton Close (off Wiltshire Road north) at both 11am and 2pm to deliver approximately 1,000 of both BHBH (Better Housing, Better Health) and MEG leaflets. We will observe the necessary social distancing, Government guidelines, and either, individuals can deliver, or pairs of people, who are able to be close to each other.

So, please volunteer for one of the above times at and enjoy getting out into the fresh air!

Since ‘News 10’ in late July, we have had one Zoom meetings of the main MEG Board

On the 8th of September we held our second ‘Ask the Experts’ Zoom talk, at which Bean Beanland, Chairman of the Ground Source Heat Pump Federation, gave an excellent talk on Heat Pumps. On the 26th of August Clare Sherman of Wycombe Sound conducted an interview with me on our forthcoming Ask the Experts event on Heat Pumps. The Ask the Experts talk was recorded and is available on YouTube on the following link.

A third Ask the Experts talk has already been arranged for the 6th of October. The title will be ‘Electric Cars and Electric Bicycles explained’. More details to be available soon.

As you will be aware, we have spent some time trying to identify those in fuel poverty in Marlow, but we now know the areas where fuel poverty is most likely. We plan to deliver over 1,000 BHBH (Better Housing, Better Health) leaflets and MEG leaflets to the relevant areas. The schedule is as follows

We are still sending out letters to Marlow Schools, Businesses, etc., with an intention to reduce energy use and to increase renewable energy generation. We wrote recently to the Marlow Health Centre and The Marlow Surgery. We are currently talking with representatives at two schools in Marlow concerning the possible installation of PV Panels.

It is hoped that ‘The Globe’ newsletter of Globe Business Park will print an MEG article in their August/September newsletter, which will publicise our aims to all the companies on the Park. Subsequently we hope to contact those companies who own their buildings to advocate PV Panel and Heat Pump installations.

As stated before, our plans to hold a ‘Marlow Solar Streets’ event in early 2021, to promote PV Panels to Marlow residents, is now in place. It is certainly possible that some of the presentation from IDDEA will take place remotely (via Zoom). We will see!

Our financial position is that we have £95.41 in our Coop Bank account and we also have 22 paid up members (up 4) and another 17 people on our general database. Since our last ‘news’ we have purchased 2000 MEG A5 double sided leaflets at a cost of £129.00. We have no outstanding debts.

We much appreciate your support to reverse the adverse effects of climate change in Marlow.

Best wishes, John Laker (Secretary, MEG)


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